About speedEfiler.com

Greatland's speedEfiler.com is an online service that enables businesses to complete their W-2 & 1099 filing with no upfront software investment or additional form purchases. speedEfiler.com was built from the ground up to address the employee or contract worker reporting needs of your company. And if you have any questions along the way, we're available to jump in and help get you back on track.

For any business size, speedEfiler.com makes sure that:

  • You can electronically file your W-2 & 1099 forms with federal and state agencies and have paper copies mailed directly to recipients.
  • All of your filing requirements can be fulfilled in only a few steps and at an affordable price.

If your data is in an accounting program like QuickBooks, or stored in Excel, you can make your speedEfiler.com filing process even faster by utilizing our data import option. You can also key-in your data manually. The choice is yours. Once your order is complete, you can track its progress online or on your iPhone, but we’ll also continue to keep you posted on the status of your submission along the way.

speedEfiler.com also ensures that your information is e-filed to Federal and State agencies while we mail paper copies directly to the recipient(s). This year, Greatland also is offering ONLINE W-2s and allow for immediate electronic recipient delivery – no waiting for paper forms to come in the mail!

It is clear why speedEfiler.com is used by so many businesses...Greatland understands your needs and the importance of accuracy and timeliness, making the entire process smooth and easy.